Jesus, Harris and Tam Chris - Standup Comedy by Alex

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Hope you enjoy this musical standup act from 'the Yogi and the Bear' show. Musical standup acts are always quite special as they pour in so much energy. I am taking this spirit further in my first solo show 'Alex in Wonderland'. It is a #MusicallyHumorous special. Schedule and tickets at

Disclaimer: In my standup acts, I provide a comic spin on my personal life experiences. It is intended for light-hearted entertainment and not to offend anyone. Please adjust your interpretation accordingly. My sincere respect and love for all the people and artists I refer to in my acts.

Creative Inputs: Baggy, Aravind - SA and Chennai's comic bros & sis.
Executive Production: Evam Standup Tamasha
Video: Viggy, Kishan, Venkat
Audio: Sridhar
Digital: Divo

~ Alexander Babu
~ Alexander the Comic
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