This Is Who's Chasing Loki In Disney+'s Loki Series

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Loki's Show On Disney+ Is Going To Be Major For MCU Phase 4
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Avengers: Endgame may have tied up a lot of loose ends in the MCU -- but it left one huge dangling cliffhanger -- and we’re not talking about Black Widow literally hanging off a cliff. Loki’s grand escape back in the 2012 timeline was used to set up his own Disney Plus TV show, a show set to involve time-travel and a whole lot of mischief. Thanks to the Super Bowl sneak-peek, we finally got a glimpse at the new Loki show and while we didn’t get to see much, we do have a pretty good idea of who will be chasing Loki through time.

Marvel teasers often feel like puzzles we get to unwrap frame by frame. For the Marvel TV show Superbowl commercial, there was a lot to unravel for other Disney Plus series like the Falcon and The Winter Soldier or WandaVision, but of course, Loki himself takes all the attention away with the final teaser. And here’s a recap -- Tom Hiddleston sits in a dark room and says “I’m gonna burn this place to the ground”. And there’s only truly one thing to focus on -- besides Loki’s shortened hair, the big logo on his jumpsuit. TVA. The TVA logo has deep roots in the world of Marvel Comics, and knowing what the TVA is will help showcase which direction the series plans to take when it debuts in 2021. In our video you will learn exactly what the TVA stands for and how this will impact the rest of the MCU!

So, let’s speculate on the journey and showcase what heroes -- and villains -- may be joining Loki along the way.

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